700 villages have been selected under Digital Gaon project: Secy. MeitY

 Launches Telemedicine for Plants and Animals

New Delhi: CSC SPV on Friday organized a workshop on “Digital Village-Enabling Access to Technology and Digital Services” in New Delhi and showcased the achievements made by the Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) in delivering digital services among the poor and rural areas of the country through the Common Services Centres (CSCs).

With an aim to promote rural entrepreneurship, CSC SPV is implementing Digi Gaon initiative in the rural parts of the country. Through Digi Gaons, people will get benefits from the various schemes and programmes of central and governments at their doorsteps. 

CSC SPV with the help of IFFCO has launched Telemedicine for Plants and Animals in which 700 Demonstration Plots will be set up in the villages across the country.

CSC SPV along with IIT Kanpur also launched Tele-Consultation for Agriculture Extension.

Terming Village Level Entrepreneurs as ‘Digital India Ki Sena’, Secretary, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Ajay Prakash Sawhney on Friday said that they are at the forefront of taking internet services to every village in the country. So far 700 villages have been selected under Digital Gaon project to provide them online services through fibre cables and ensuring that uniform development of villages takes place in the country. 

He further said that 3.84 lakh CSCs VLEs have been instrumental in Aadhaar enrollment, financial inclusion, and enrolling beneficiaries under Ayushmann Bharat programme and insurance schemes. He said that the government is running a programme to take fibre cables to 2.5 lakh villages in the country, out of which it has reached 1.25 lakh panchayats.

Informing about the work done by CSCs,  Dr. Dinesh Tyagi, CEO, CSC said CSC not only provide services to the people in rural areas but it also empowers people.  We have already established minimum 8 Solar Lighting in every Digital Village. We are also working on three different parameters i.e. digital teacher, digital doctor, and a digital banker in 700 digital villages.

To provide education services, our VLEs are trained as a digital teacher. In telemedicine, we are training CSCs like a digital doctor and in financial services, the CSC CEO added further. 

Dr. Tyagi added, “CSCs, an integral part of the government’s flagship ‘Digital India’ and “Digital Villages’ programme and are providing digital services, essential public utility services, social-welfare schemes, healthcare, financial, education and agriculture services to the people in rural and remote areas.

Later, five CSC VLEs were also honored by Secretary, MeitY for their outstanding contribution towards the implementation of Digi Gaon in the country.  

Joint Secretary, Rural Livelihood, Ministry of Rural Development, Leena Johri said CSC VLEs  are playing a major role in leveraging the gap between rural and urban connectivity so that the villagers are not left behind in the race for development and progress.

“Under Rural Livelihood Mission, 54 lakh Self Help Groups have been made which have done more than one lakh crore transactions. She informed that 3,600 women have been trained as VLEs and 14,500 women have been trained as Community Resource Persons-CRPs by the department”, she added.

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